Examples of client projects

Research, modelling and analysis

Directed an evaluation of internal and external coaching across the NHS on behalf of the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.

Developed and managed a consortium project looking at the future of Learning & Development in organisations through the use of scenario planning.

Researched the opportunities and issues for using online networks to improve informal learning and sharing of innovative ideas throughout the NHS.

Directed a scenario planning project for Skills for Health to explore future workforce needs in the health sector.

Undertook customer profitability and segmentation projects for clients including Birmingham Midshires, Thomas Cook FX, Barclays Mercantile, Norwich Union and Guardian Insurance.

Built simulation models of manufacturing and chemical plants and warehousing for clients including Black & Decker, DuPont, PowerGen, MW Kellogg and Hunting Engineering.

Organisational strategy and effectiveness

Supported the Housing Ombudsman Service through a period of transformational change including organisation and job design.

Diagnosed OD issues and developed a plan of action for NHS Employers.

Advised and facilitated the strategy project team of a telecoms provider through the choice of organisational models to support changes in the business strategy.

Supported a local authority in the redesign of their top tiers of management through providing a framework against which to assess options

Co-designed and delivered an audit, strategy development and peer support process for HR Directors and their teams in over fifty NHS organisations in the North West.

Carried out a culture review for Cambridgeshire County Council highlighting areas of success as well as opportunities for improvement.

Developed a guide to help local authorities (and other organisations) implement shared teams and shared professionals.

Carried out a commercial benchmarking exercise to understand how organisations develop and manage businesses/business units to deliver L&D interventions to their markets (external or internal).

Worked with the marketing department at Norwich Union to review their current performance and develop detailed organisational structure options for the future.

Managed a project exploring the future of distribution in General Insurance using scenario planning for Norwich Union.

For Royal Insurance Direct, analysed the impact of a major competitor entering the local labour market in Bristol, and its implications on staffing and reward

Managed the people integration of three consulting businesses, including a reshaping (recruitment and redundancy) programme.

Worked with the leadership development team at ONS to create a vision for leadership in the organisation and the key steps necessary to achieve it.

Supported The Housing Ombudsman Service in their annual business planning process by facilitating the development of the people strand of the five year strategy.

Coaching and strengths-focused development

Managed a nationwide capacity building programme for HR directors and managers, providing one to one coaching and developing a pool of in-house coaches.

Designed and delivered a virtual, strengths-focused team development programme for a global IT team at Rolls-Royce.

Created and delivered a strengths-focused development programme of coaching and team workshops for the HR leadership team at Ealing council.

Designed and delivered a 360 degree feedback process and coaching programme for senior managers in the Environment directorate of a London council.

Provided one to one coaching for individual clients at organisations including BERR, Independent Housing Ombudsman, Samaritans and Maidstone Council.

Designed and delivered strengths-focused team workshops for management teams and high potential groups at organisations including Centrica, the Sanger Trust, Siemens and Volkswagen Financial Services.

Designed and delivered leadership workshops for Co-operative Financial Services and Panasonic UK based on the latest findings from neuroscience

For a mid-size management consultancy, developed a competency framework for all staff, and a promotion and coaching programme for aspiring Partners.

Developed a Continuing Professional Development policy for ONS