I am a freelance management consultant, executive coach and applied researcher. I am particularly interested in the applications of complexity, cognitive and data sciences to help organisations and individuals become more successful.

Organisational strategy and development: I help leaders think about how they want their organisation to be, where they are now and what they need to do to get their desired future. I can then provide ongoing supportive and challenging coaching as they move through the process of change.

Executive and career coaching: I provide coaching for any executive who wants to reflect on how they can get more from themselves, their team or their organisation. I also coach any individuals who are considering their career options and would like an independent sounding board or help structuring their thoughts. In both cases I help people building on existing strengths, focusing on solutions rather than problems.

Research, analysis and insight: I help businesses understand their markets, customers and employees using in-depth interviews, desk research, analysis of existing data sets and questionnaires.

I have a rare combination of senior commercial experience coupled with advanced data analysis skills and helping people & organisations change. I am a strategic thinker with a talent for looking at things in a new way and rapidly identifying the key issues. My colleagues and clients have commented on the multifaceted nature of the support I provide, the practical insight and wisdom that I impart and my ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and simply.

Paul Fairhurst

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