I have a broad background in business, having run my own business, been on the management teams of businesses turning over £60m (general insurance) and £10m (management consultancy) and been principal consultant at a leading not-for-profit research institute. I have provided advice, consultancy and coaching to organisations of all sizes in public, private and voluntary sectors. 

I have a BSc in Maths with Engineering, an MSc in Operational research and a Postgraduate Certificate in Intelligent Systems. 

I am a certified NLP Coach and a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP. I am accredited to use Strengthscope and MBTI psychometric tools.

My strengths

I believe in the idea of building on your strengths to achieve success where strengths are things that we are both good at and that we are energised by doing. Drawing on a variety of profiling and psychometric tools, I have identified my strengths as follows.

Strategic & systems thinking I see things differently from others and can present a range of options. I find connections between, and integrate, seemingly unlinked issues and concepts.

Critical thinking l am open-minded, always looking for new concepts and ideas to help people and organisations. I enjoy thinking things through and examining them from all sides.

Explaining I can take a complex idea and express it simply and clearly, making complicated ideas readily accessible to a wide range of people

Coaching & mentoring I coach and mentor others by bringing an alternative perspective, sharing ideas and concepts, and asking thought provoking questions.

Improving I am continually seeking to create things that are better than what has been done before.

Previous roles

Principal Consultant at Institute for Employment Studies

Partner at Valoris SA

Consulting Director at Abram, Hawkes plc

Decision Support Manager at Royal Insurance Direct

Strategy and planning consultant at APACS

Modelling and logistics consultant at P-E Consulting